Yes, We Are Proud To Give Back

Twenty-One years after the fact, our country still faces challenges similar to the threats to our country on that fateful day... Time To Make A Change!

About Our Event

We firmly believe in what those Stars and Stripes represent. We want to present an event that inspires people to get active in their community, be it with disabled veterans, our first responders, the homeless...whatever you can do to help to make a change.

Where Is Your Money Going?

All proceeds of this event will be donated to a veterans or first responders service organization.

It Is All About The Red, White and Blue

This is NOT about us. This is an opportunity for all of us to focus on what this country is all about. There is a Donate button on the registration page, and 100% of that money will go to a charity.


Swim Course

Bike Course

Run Course

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Latest News

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We are fortunate to have Kari Kolflat-Harris coming to sing our National Anthem. Kari has presented the National Anthem at the Round Rock Express games, as well as other venues.

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